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Here’s a sobering thought:

Only 10,000 of 33,000,000 books on Amazon become bestsellers.

That’s just 0.03% of all Amazon authors.

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Let's face it — Not all authors become successful.

The number of failed and disappointed author aspirants is staggering. There are more people who fail to write a book than those that fail to start a business. 

But what if there was a service that could help you guarantee that your book will become a BEST-SELLING TITLE on ONE OF THE BIGGEST PLATFORMS ON PLANET EARTH?

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Imagine what it would feel like if you had your name on a cover of a best-selling book…

Being a best-selling author is an honor only the top percentile of people get to have. But we’ve found a way to make it a guaranteed thing for you.

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Hi! My name’s Dillon Kivo. 

I’m the owner of a company called Authority Titans, a PR agency that helps thousands of small businesses, influencers, visionaries, and dreamers get featured on websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and hundreds of other sites!

I’m also an Amazon best-selling author who has been featured on billboards, news sites, blogs, and many other resources and publications.

I’ve helped many famous people get even more famous

You might have heard about some of my clients. Here are some of them.

Casey Adams

Entrepreneur + Speaker

Robert Griffith

Football Player

Ice Cube

Rapper + Actor

Brad Lea


Let me tell you a bit about my journey.

A few years ago, I found myself in a very confusing state. I was the CEO of a seven-figure business and the editor-in-chief of a highly-successful publication… 

But I felt a great level of hunger for something more. I wanted to achieve more than influence and money. I wanted to build my legacy. 

That’s when I wrote my book— “The Authority Playbook: How to Become The #1 Authority in Your Niche.” It was a book I wrote because I wanted to build a legacy that would outlive me. It didn’t matter to me at first if I could sell a few thousand or a few hundred books. I just wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. 

The Authority Playbook
But then on my way to that path, I achieved something beyond my wildest dreams…

My book became a #1 Amazon Bestseller!

The next thing I know, I had friends asking me to help them do the same thing for their books. And so I did. Now I’ve helped many others become best-selling authors.

Here are a few of the people that I’ve helped

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"Great resource to get PR for your company. Great communication and I'm very happy with him"

Manny Khoshbin

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"He always sticks to his word and gets the job done"

Casey Adams

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"If you need attention, hit my man Dillon Kivo up"

Brad Lea

And guess what? Now I want to help as many people as I can become best-selling authors too… Hey, if you’re reading this…. I want to help you too!!​

“They say that there are three ways to live forever — have a child, plant a tree and write a book.”

So Why Should You Work Towards Becoming an Amazon Best-selling Author?

There are a few compelling reasons why being a best-selling author can help you…


Build Your Brand

In this modern age, branding is key to growth and success. If you want to be a leading medical professional, fitness guru, podcaster, and so on, you have to have a good brand. Becoming a bestselling author— I’d say that’s a REALLY COMPELLING WAY to build a solid brand.


Drive Another Passive Income Source

According to Jungle Scout, most Amazon sellers make at least $1,000 per month in sales. That means you could easily make another $12,000 a month from a book.

But that’s not even the ceiling. If you become a BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, you could rake up to $25,000 in MONTHLY REVENUE. That’s $300,000 A YEAR!


Become Irresistible to Clients

Being a best-seller makes you an authority in your field, making you a go-to for services and insights. If you write a book about growing an Airbnb business, guess what? Everyone with a short-term rental will want to pick your brain. Then you can charge them when you coach them!

Think about this...

Who do you think about when you hear these topics?





All those people have at least one best-selling book under their belt. Imagine what it would be like for you if you had a best-selling book under your belt!

There are 49,000++ writers in the United States as of 2021.

Now, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot. But get this… In 2020, there were only 44,000+ writers and authors in the US.

Obviously, this industry is going to grow fast. Think Bitcoin in 2011… That’s where this is heading. Consider that a FEARLESS PREDICTION. So do you want to get on that moonshot trajectory?

So Who Should Become a Best-selling Author?

I think the real question is… who shouldn’t?


“But I’m not a prolific writer, Dillon!”

Wanna know a secret? Neither am I. But you see… it’s not just GREAT WRITING that sells books.

Sure you’re book should be wel written, but there are many people who can help you do that. I have an amazing team who helped me develop my book.

But if you want to start your journey to being a best-selling author, it has to start with you and the DECISION YOU MAKE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

The question is, area you ready to make the decision to put a DELIBERATE EFFORT to becoming the next Amazon best-seller?

How Our Process Works


We Strategize Our Approach

We take a look at your book and think of the best way to convince people that it’s going to change their lives. Our top-notch team has a whole process that makes this part effortless on your end.


Get You Featured on the News

We get you, your brand, and your book featured on some of the biggest publications in the world. We have a network of 100+ of the biggest sites in the world.


Email Blast to Large Reader Lists

We will also send your book out to our massive email list of high-intent leads who are waiting on us to recommend some good reads to them.

What’s Included In A Re-Launch Package?

Why Amazon?

Becoming an Amazon Best-seller is an extremely powerful gateway to a world of opportunities. Up to $5 billion of Amazon’s annual revenue comes from book sales. That means two things:

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in business, it’s to always, always, always go where the money and attention are.

So Let's Talk Numbers

How much does getting a book from idea to best-seller cost?

More or less, to become a best-seller, you’ll need $85,000 at the very least.

But what if we could give you...

A 90% DISCOUNT? And start at $2,999?

Sounds like a sweet deal right?

And think about this — Most Amazon bestsellers make up $25,000 a month from book sales. The rest make $1,000 a month. So, worst-case scenario, you make that money back in seven to eight months. Best-case scenario? You more than triple your money in a month.

Here’s My Guarantee

Who doesn’t love a good guarantee? Well, I’ve got one that might sound like it’s good to be true, but… trust me… It’s 100% true.

Because I believe so much in our ability to make your book a best seller that I’m willing to bet we can do it in 30 days or less. If we don’t hit the list in 30 days, we’re giving you virtually all your money back. And all the promotions and news articles? We will keep them live on the news websites.

So what that basically means is all the risk is on me now. This isn’t even a gamble for you anymore. You’re sure to win with this deal.

Now you’re probably thinking…

“This sounds too good to be true. There’s gotta be a catch.”

And you’re right there is.

This is the thing: I can only help so many people. So this program isn’t something I’ll make available to like a thousand people.

I’ve spoken to my team, and we’re only really able to do this for fifty authors initially. After that, we’re going to have to close the door on this program in the meantime.

Remember those times you missed out on an opportunity because you hesitated? DON’T LET THIS BE ONE OF THEM!

You gotta take action now. And to do that, all you have to do is get on a call with me. I’ll make myself available as long as we still have these slots available. So book a discovery call now, and LET’S MAKE YOU A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR!

NO COMMITMENTS YET! You can walk away after the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re referring to promoting books, yes, we have done this dozens of times with many of the biggest authors, influencers, and thought leaders. If you’re referring to promoting brands and people in general, then YES, YES, YES! I’ve been doing this with my amazing team for several years now and have created a system and strategy to help people build online authority and benefit greatly from it.

While we can coach you and provide feedback, formal certified writing training is something we know other people can do better. However, we do have a team of editors that will help polish your book, and— at some level— your writing skills too.

What we do focus on is creating marketing opportunities to help get the word out about your book. On top of that, we can also help you develop the book itself.

We believe in Amazon as a platform and business. I’m a big Jeff Bezos fan myself. But we are not in any way affiliated with the company.

Well, that really depends. But I can tell you this— I’ve heard about authors shelling out as much as $35,000 to get their books promoted in hopes of becoming a best-seller. And that’s not even including all the work that goes into producing the book.

Our services start at a fraction of that, beginning at only $7,500, virtually only 80% of the industry average rate. To give you a more customized rate though, we suggest hopping on a call with us.