Consulting & Mentorship

“Brand yourself, not your business”. – Dillon Kivo


Build an Online Empire

After building multiple very successful online businesses, Dillon was obligated to help others do the same thing. Now, he offers people and brands consulting and mentorship.

Social Media Consulting

After ammassing over 100,000 followers and being verified on multiple social platfroms, Dillon shows people and companies how to go from “Zero to Hero” on social media. 

PR Strategy

Dillon helps individuals get a fair and effective public relations strategy, to accurately position themselves in the marketplace.

Personal Branding Accelerator

Are you struggling to position yourself online? Dillon offers one on one coaching, helping individuals build a strong online brand.

Brand Consulting

Dillon offers premium brand insight, and consults with companies around the world on how they can grow their brand.

Business Development

Dillon works hands on with companies, guiding them on what it takes to truly develop their business and reach new heights. 

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guest Contributor for Major Publications