Life is filled with ups and downs, and while many dread experiencing adversity, sometimes it might lead someone to a better path. This is something that entrepreneur Chris Ratto can attest to, having gone through extreme hardships before finally building the thriving venture, Xenia Partners.

The inspiring individual had devoted almost ten years of his life to his job as a QA Manager when he was suddenly laid off in the summer of 2019. Unbeknown to him, the unfortunate incident will only be the first of many events that will lead him to rock bottom.

In an attempt to start a new career, he took out a HELOC and used $30,000 on an investment that went south. This left him without anything to provide for his family. As a result, he made the difficult decision to sell the family home in order to pay off his debt and move in with a family friend they barely knew.

At this point, Chris Ratto was convinced that he was a failure as a husband, father, and sole provider. However, the painful experience also forced him to reflect and realize that something needed change. The determined family man resolved to do whatever it takes to build his and his family’s life back up.

Looking back, he shared, “I believe hitting my rock bottom was a blessing and something I needed to go through. It gave me clarity on what I wanted out of life. It really lit a fire under me and made me realize my current life is not what I wanted for me and my family.”

Armed with a new motivation, he expanded his connections and built a network while looking out for opportunities. Before long, his efforts and hard work paid off, and Xenia Partners was created.

The enterprise is a business service company that utilizes financial technology. It facilitates and oversees partnerships between its sponsors and clients while helping clients with their funding needs. As the founder and co-owner of the venture, Chris Ratto created a culture that values excellence. He advocates going the extra mile for clients as well as going above and beyond. These impressive principles have significantly contributed to the success of the business.

Chris Ratto is a testament that going through difficult seasons does not have to be permanent. In life, what matters more is how one responds to the challenges one is given. When asked to share a piece of advice with others, he insightfully said, “You can change your life real fast if you are willing to get uncomfortable and do the work.”

He went on to say, “My business now allows people to put their money to work, generate income and overall wealth. It feels amazing to have an opportunity to help others get to where they want to get faster and open them up to a world of new opportunities outside the usual stock market and real estate.”

To learn more about Chris Ratto, visit his Instagram account. You can also visit Xenia Partners’ official website for more information about the venture.