Meta Description: What is an engagement party? A question you may ask. Find out what it is and how to host your dream engagement party!

You can’t get over your rock and the excitement of being engaged. So a celebratory party is to share your news! You have to invite guests, choose a venue, and buy a dress… Pause! The question “what is an engagement party?” drops in your head. Is it a thing or you’re just doing the most?

An engagement is a thing because it’s the first of pre-wedding events where the ice breaks. It’s ideal to celebrate it within the first three months post proposal. You’ll be able to share your terrific news with your loved ones. Family and friends from both sides will get to know each other while enjoying great menus, games, and more.

So, if you want to celebrate, let’s show you how to plan an engagement party!


Create guest list

The top of your engagement party to-do list is creating a guest list. Yes, we know you want to scream your joy at the world, but you have a budget to consider. Also, the rule of thumb is to invite only those who will get the wedding invite. The wisest decision is to keep it an intimate affair, inviting only a fraction of your would-be wedding guest. This way, you can entertain them to the fullest extent.

  1. Pick a venue

Choosing an appropriate and flexible venue is one of the most important engagement party rules. Getting the venue right will give your event a facelift. If you’re opting for a romantic theme, hire a garden. Outdoor engagement parties don’t get better than the family backyard. Going for a chic theme, hire out a restaurant or terrace.

  1. Set a budget

Like your wedding, money goes into engagement party planning. So don’t go spending sporadically. Everyone has to get involved and pledge something. Pool your resources together and spend within budget. Also, apportion some money for unseen circumstances.

  1. Hire entertainment

Music makes events dynamic. It also helps guests move around and communicate without awkwardness. So depending on your taste, you can hire a DJ for the night. Just compile a playlist that will get guests to the dance floor and cool things down when needed. If you want a heated and lively event, go for a live band.

  1. Set a stunning ambiance

The ambiance of your venue will determine how relaxed the guests will feel. Pick a theme and go all out. If it’s an indoor venue, work around the already placed decor. If you’re hosting outdoors, complement nature with your decor. Your decor shouldn’t compete with the scenery but fuse into it. Keep it moderate and expertly done into a lively yet soothing environment.

  1. Treat guests to delicacies

There’s no hard and fast rule to engagement party menus. They can be as exotic or simple as you can afford. However, the standard is that they should be easy to eat, move around, and not messy. Do not keep guests at the table for long periods. You can go the way of snacks, cocktails, and beer or plated dinners and jaded champagnes.

  1. Choose gorgeous outfit

You’re the belle of the ball, so your outfit should be drop-dead gorgeous. Stay away from white to reveal at the wedding. Work with colors and styles that fit your party theme. If you’re having a casual party, chic jumpsuits work. A sparkling gown will suit formal engagement dinner parties, but do what works for you. Also, ensure there’s a cohesive look between you and your partner. It could be a brooch, touch of color, tie, etc.

Now that you know what an engagement party is and how to plan it, you’re in charge! Host a beautiful party and don’t forget to get your groove on.