Jet-Like Superyacht

Photo: Lazzarini

Lazzarini Design Studio released a new design for a futuristic superyacht just months after unveiling a superyacht concept that can fly and sail.

The Royal Alpha One has a length of 20 meters (65 feet), much smaller than the unusual superyacht designs the Rome-based Lazzarini is known for, but it remains just as eye-catching as the rest.

The designers had in mind a compact vessel with the feel of a superyacht, and the newly released renderings show just that.

The vessel has a black, gray, and green exterior with photochromic glass surfaces. It is inspired by Lazzarini’s Royal Jet Capsule, a 7.6-meter-long and 3.3-meter-wide yacht pod.

The Royal Alpha One has three decks, spacious lounge areas, and luxurious chairs with a layout similar to a private jet.

It also holds three en suite cabins to fit 20 passengers, a garage filled with water toys, and a large dining room. Its most striking feature is its panoramic rooftop hot tub with a retractable bottom. 

High-powered yacht

Hydrogen-powered propulsion is in the works for the Royal Alpha One. However, the design team is also eyeing a twin or triple Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system with maximum speeds between 32 and 42 knots.

The project currently has a price tag of over €3.5 million (around $3 million), and a hull model is already complete.

Lazzarini estimates that it will take around 15 to 16 months to construct, which means we could see Royal Alpha One by the end of 2023 if a buyer is found.

Lazzarini is hopeful that the design will be picked up and brought into production in the future.

Royal Alpha One is one of several exciting new yacht concepts revealed in the last few months.

Dutch firm Phathom Studio’s The Phathom 60m, a 60-meter-long concept with a three-story glass atrium, was unveiled last month. At the same time, Iddes Yachts has introduced a 54.8-meter electric sailing superyacht, Sail 55, specifically designed for sustainable sailing.