Established in April of 2020, the n0mads are a creative collective cultivated off the thought that we as a society are on the cusp of a digital age that will be based on monotony and conformity. They see themselves as the glitch among the circuitry of society and want to be the front-runner in developing the next generation of artists and creative entrepreneurs who are able to navigate the lucrative entertainment industry. The N0mads’ careers started in the town of Sylva, North Carolina. They all understood that there was a lack of both quality entertainment and opportunities to grow outside of the structure of their university. The N0mads all started out in a group that had a lot of potential but they did not understand that even though music is a creative art, it is also a business where each person within the group needs to have a basic firm understanding of how the business works and needs an organizational structure that allows everyone in the group to gain the skills necessary to run their own business. Once this group split apart in 2018, the N0mads was formed and they have been working ever since. With the understanding of both business and creativity, the N0mads have a fluid business model that allows all the members to work on both the business and creative sides of the entertainment industry.

Some of the N0mads accomplishments since 2018 have been that their first self-titled album N0mads has garnered over 150k + streams and every single that they have dropped after that has over 10k+ streams. The N0mads have built a strong network of publicists, playlisters, entrepreneurs, artists, and other important people in the creative and business world that are able to help support and promote their music every time they decide to drop. Over these last couple of years, the N0mads have understood the power of networking and have used this to their advantage. They are also one of the first groups to have a creative LLC established in the town of Sylva, NC, a small town about an hour outside of Asheville, NC. With being in this small town, the N0mads have gained a lot of attention from publicists and have over 15 press articles from different publications such as The Hype Magazine Network, Disrupt Magazine, Genius, and many others. The N0mads have always thought of themselves as being a group of forward thinkers who want to keep up with trends in technology and have created their first collection of NFT cards. Talking to the creator of these cards, Slime Lambo, he says they are gearing up to create a second collection of NFTs to drop either during the summer or coming into early fall.

The key projects the N0mads are working on is the improvement/expansion of their independent rollout process and the development of basic financial accounts such as index funds, Roth IRA, and other things associated with this. Musically, the goals for the N0mads this year are to put out a song that is fully packaged through the brands independent rollout process. Also, the N0mads want to build a wider connection base than the one we already have and to build the foundation of the brands MGMT division.

The key principles and values that this team has learned throughout their journey is the importance of persistence and always having a positive mindset. Slime Lambo says, “There are many pitfalls in being an independent brand within the entertainment industry, but with perseverance, persistence, and a positive mindset, we can weather these storms and push forward. An idiot with a plan can defeat a genius without one.”

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