The pandemic changed almost every aspect of our daily lives–even down to the way that we pay for things. Buy now pay later (BNPL) is a way to pay for goods and services over a period of time without worrying about hidden fees and growing interest from credit cards. During the pandemic, this new way to pay grew in popularity due to so many people being stuck at home unable to work and experiencing differing levels of financial insecurity. Now that restrictions are lifted and more people are getting back to work, people are still using BNPL for its many benefits.

One of the largest groups of people that are using BNPL are millennials. Millennials were the largest group during the pandemic that were fresh out of school in the workforce and had less stable forms of income. Many millennials were out of work while still having to deal with loans, rent, and other bills, so BNPL was a great alternative to take care of some of these costs. Even post pandemic millennials are still preferring BNPL over traditional payment methods because it takes the stress out of paying for some larger bills.

Another group of people that are using BNPL are pet owners. Pet owners have to take care of things like the cost of food, grooming, and the most expensive part of pets–vet bills. Vet bills can add up very quickly, and worrying about money and a sick pet can be very stressful which is why so many pet parents are using BNPL to alleviate some of this stress. Only about 18% of people have pet insurance that can help them cover the cost of vet bills, so the remaining pet owners have to figure out how to cover the remaining costs. 49% of pet owners take at least a month to pay off their bills–sometimes more. BNPL allows for pet owners to take the time they need without worrying about interest rates that can come from paying through credit or taking out loans. 

Even if you’re not a pet owner–you more than likely have to go to the doctor or the dentist and BNPL has been growing in popularity in these fields. 71% of Americans who visit the dentist frequently would use BNPL over traditional payment methods.  Only about 32% of people are able to pay their healthcare bills off immediately, and 30% plan to pay for their next visits using credit. While credit has been a useful form of payment for decades, we all know the additional costs that come along with using this method. Yearly fees, interest rates, and extra costs almost always follow credit payments, but not with BNPL

People who use BNPL appreciate the lack of interest rates and the security within the rates they are given that stay fixed while you work to pay off bills. While many people are able to work well when following a budget, sometimes situations will arise that can completely throw off a budget. Even the most successful budgeters can benefit from BNPL. With this new method of payment gaining popularity, 71% of Americans who visit the dentist frequently would use BNPL over a traditional payment. Learn more about BNPL in the infographic below: